Show Archive 2012


The Snow Plow Show began in 2012 as a video-based show on YouTube which could also be listened to as just audio. I managed to put out 3 episodes before deciding it was way too much effort and giving up forever. Here are those 3 episodes.

09-05-2012 – Car Ding Calls: Twenty glorious minutes of car ding phone pranks, some old and some new.

09-27-2012 – Phreak Squad: This show contains computer repair calls including such classics as marijuana under the keyboard, spiders in the laptop, and porn trades. RBCP teaches us how to get phone numbers from corporations. Featuring guests Not Brad, Legend, Carlito, Rappy McRapperson and more. Musical guest Rappy Mcrapperson performs his hit song Pool Boyz. This show was originally a video-based show, so most of the pranks include video.

11-14-2012 – News Story Pranks: This show includes Jalonta the iPad lady getting scammed again, and calls to pizza customers about their doorknobs.