Prank Call Request

If you’d like to send the show a number to be pranked, you can use the form below. Keep the following in mind when submitting a number to be pranked…

  1. There is no guarantee that I will ever call your number. There are a lot of reasons I might choose not to call your number. It’s unlikely I’ll ever tell you why, though. Don’t take it personally.

  2. If you’ve been harassing someone, please don’t send me their number.

  3. No, I won’t email you and let you know when I’m about to call your number. I also won’t email you and let you know that I’ve called your number. You’ll just have to listen to every show and hope that your number is called.

  4. If you get into any trouble for whatever ends up happening in the call, that’s your problem. Don’t submit a number if you think it’ll get you in trouble. We do follow PLA’s Rules of Prank Calls, but shit happens.

  5. Sometimes I will call submitted numbers and the prank doesn’t work out. The prank victim either knows it’s a prank or they never answer the phone or they simply weren’t funny to talk to. When a prank ends up being boring, I usually don’t play it on the show.

This prank recipient is a legal adult.

I have not been harassing this person or business.

This number does not belong to police, fire, or other emergency services. (All numbers are Googled before they're called, so don't try and pull a fast one.)

I have obtained the information given in this submission legally. (No passwords were required to acquire the information, you didn't steal this information from your employer's computer, etc.)

If you need to attach a file or two, the limit is 3 megs.

If there are any problems with the form above, you can email your requests to